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FreeWorld began with the goal to do more than business
 FreeWorld empowers members to: 
  1. Fight climate change using renewable energy 
  2. Assist communities affected by climate disaster
  3. Improve personal sustainability through energy-use monitoring 
Climate Change
The FreeWorld platform provides a one-stop solution for individuals to join the Renewable Energy revolution. We believe access to clean energy is vital to keep our planet healthy and progress towards a better future.
Community Charity
We gain fulfillment by assisting communities-in-need. Our charitable FreeWorld Rebuild projects will outfit community-centric buildings (schools, fire/police stations, hospitals) with donated solar energy installations in the aftermath of climate disaster. FreeWorld Rebuild installations provide energy resiliency, safety, and stability as communities recover from natural disaster.  
Personal Sustainability
We believe each person should claim accountability for environmental 
sustainability in their own lives. The FreeWorld platform empowers members to monitor and improve their personal energy use with real-time, data-driven energy monitoring. We are proud to recognize and reward FreeWorld members who achieve personal sustainability goals.