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Align Your Values
Use an energy source which helps the health of the planet. Energy shouldn't have to pollute.

At FreeWorld, we know you are the kind of person that wants to be financially successful while staying environmentally-conscious. However, in order to be that way, you need an energy source that boosts your financial savings and sustainability. The problem is you’re frustrated by the effort required to understand and install renewable energy, which can lead you to remain tethered to your utility's energy.  Or you may have received a quote for a solar installation, but were turned off by a lack of savings or a pushy salesperson.    

We believe environmental impact and financial success go hand in hand. 

We understand the uncertainty and confusion around solar projects, that’s why we developed a simple way to evaluate your business or home for solar, and boost your bank account with savings from clean energy. Here’s how it works:

Your Clean Energy Journey

Solar Analysis

  • 100% digital

  • Customized for your home or business

  • Financial & environmental savings

Engineering Design/Permit

  • Project blueprints approved by certified  structural/electrical engineers

  • Permit signed by local government


  • Solar project is approved by the utility & local government

  • You begin saving with clean energy!

Site Survey

  • Inspector determines structural feasibility of the project

Solar Install

  • Top-rated installation team installs solar panels & equipment on your property


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